The leader of Barnet's Labour group claims a Tory councillor is “not fit for office” after it was revealed he made derogatory comments about “benefit claiming scum”, lesbians, black people and disabled people on Facebook.

Councillor Tom Davey made the statements on the social networking site in 2008 and 2009, but they have since been republished online via Political Scrapbook.

In one status update the current Cabinet member for housing had suggested it might be easier to find a job if he were “a black female wheelchair-bound amputee who is sexually attracted to other women”.

In another post he referred to “benefit claiming scum” and said he dislikes paying for the “lazy bastards!”

In January 2008 he posted that he was “more excited than Harold Shipman in a nursing home”, and in March 2009 he said he was “smacking his bitch up" adding "that’ll teach her for ironing loudly whilst the football is on!”

In a statement to the Times Series, Cllr Davey apologised for the comments, claiming they were meant to be humorous.

He said: "These comments from 2008/2009 were intended to be in a jokey saloon bar humour.

“I realise that they are offensive terms and I regret allowing them to appear.

“They do not appear funny now with the benefit of hindsight. I am very sorry for this error of judgement.”

But the leader of Barnet's Labour Party Cllr Alison Moore says Cllr Davey is "not fit for office" and wants council leader Cllr Richard Cornelius to take action.

She said: "These comments are totally unacceptable for anyone to make, much less an elected politician.  Tom Davey is the cabinet member for housing and he makes decisions that affect the very people he attacks in these disgusting remarks.

"I am calling on the leader of the council to take immediate action against Cllr Davey - in my view he is not fit for office having made comments of this kind."