A new date for the election of councillors in the Colindale ward has been announced following the death of candidate Jessica Yorke.

As is required by electoral law, the original local government elections for Colindale were cancelled due to the death of the Green Party candidate, and a new election rescheduled to take place within 35 working days of the current polling date, May 22.

Barnet Borough Council’s returning officer Andrew Travers has announced the new date for the election of councillors in this ward will be Thursday June 26.

Nominations for all the remaining candidates in the Colindale ward elections will remain valid for the new election date.

Following enquiries from the Times Series, the authority says new candidates will have until Friday May 30 to submit nomination papers.

Current councillors for Colindale ward will step down on May 26 and their positions will remain vacant until the results of the June 26 election.

Polling for the European Parliamentary elections for Colindale ward will still go ahead as planned on May 22 and all polling stations in the ward will be open as normal.

All European Parliamentary postal votes received from residents in the Colindale ward will still be counted.