The Mill Hill Residents Association started the step-free access for Mill Hill stations campaign back in September 2013. Zoe Samuelson printed off our petition sheets and badges, and Paul Edwards, our treasurer, and I handed out campaign cards at Mill Hill Broadway.

George Jones has been particularly active in getting signatures and has handed over to me more than 200. Sury Khatri and Sian John have also been actively supportive and Andrew Dismore is raising the question of access with the GLA.

We particularly welcome Matthew Offord’s help on this campaign as he has kindly offered to submit our petition to Parliament, and has also raised the issue of step-free access in the House of Commons the very day after I asked him about this at the Mill Hill Preservation Society AGM.

So, to be clear, all help from everyone, regardless of politics, is welcome on this issue. I would consider the issue of step-free access a non-political one which has been supported by all sides regardless.

The question of who is in the lead is irrelevant. The question should be who will be next to keep this issue in the public eye?

Richard Logue Chairman

Mill Hill Residents Association