Barnet Council's Labour group leader Alison Moore insists she retains the backing of her party, despite speculation growing over her future.

Speculation has grown over the East Finchley councillor's position as group leader after her party narrowly lost last week’s local election, despite making overall gains across the borough.

There are rumours of growing unrest in the party, whilst political bloggers and pastLabour supporters Theresa Musgrove and Roger Tichborne have called for her to resign.

Labour closed the majority of the Tory administration to just five seats at last week's election, a figure that will be reduced to two next month should Labour retain its three seats in the delayed Colindale election.

The group is holding a post-election meeting this evening but will not be making decisions on the future structure of the group until after the Colindale poll.

Councillor Moore confirmed she would be standing again for the leadership and believes last week’s results were positive for the party.

She said: “I think absolutely it was a success. We had a huge target to get control of the borough but what we got was a tremendous achievement.

“We now have more councillors than ever before in Barnet. I absolutely will be putting myself forward for the leadership again and I stand on my record.

“With a majority of just two, the Tories are going to have to work for every vote and every decision in the council chamber.

"I still have the confidence of many members but there is a democratic process so we will see what happens."