Plans to build 400 new homes and a shopping area could turn Hendon into a “concrete jungle”.

This week developer NEAT Developments held a public exhibition to showcase its proposals to build on a site between Rookery Way and Edgware Road in The Hyde.

There is currently a Homebase and a second-hand car sales lot on the site, which NEAT wants to redevelop in spring 2016.

As well as approximately 390 flats, there will be no more than ten houses and between 280 and 300 parking spaces.

NEAT Developments also wants to create what it calls a Hendon Hub, providing a workspace for small and medium sized businesses as well as a cafe and plaza.

As of yesterday, the developers had received 30 comments on the plans, 17 of which were positive, 11 negative and two which were classed as “neutral”.

The Times Series spoke to some people who came to view the plans yesterday.

Lisa Dooley, who lives in Rookery Close, just yards from the proposed development, said: “I’m horrified and really quite upset about this. It’s going to be an eyesore.

“At the moment we have a community space outside our house and directly behind that will be this huge development. It will look like a concrete jungle.”

The mother-of-four, who has lived in Colindale all her life, is also worried more homes will mean more crime in the area.

She said: “I understand the need to build more homes, but just not as many as they’re proposing. Four hundred is a whole heap.”

Zakia Zubairi, who lives on the border of Colindale and Mill Hill, also argued that NEAT's proposed ratio of 30 per cent affordable housing is not enough and criticised the lack of infrastructure.

She said: “They’re not going to build a school or a health centre, which is needed, and there will be a lot more congestion on the roads.”

Dinesh Patel, who has lived in Colindale for 20 years, agreed the plans will create traffic problems in an area which is already “chock-a-block”.

He said: “It’s gridlocked around here and more cars will only add to the problem. I think a hospital should be built on the site instead.”

But Dan Gardner, development manager for NEAT, said the plans would be a “significant improvement” to the area.

He said: “The Hendon Hub will provide people with space to set-up their businesses, with amazing internet connection, meeting spaces, links with the local education providers - as well as much-needed new homes.”

The plans will go on display again at St Matthias Church in Rushgrove Avenue from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.