A man who had been recovering from a drinking problem took his own life, an inquest heard this morning.

Matthew David Black, of St John’s Close, Potters Bar, was killed when he was hit by a train at Potters Bar railway station on May 29.

An inquest held this morning at Hatfield Coroner’s Court, led by senior coroner Edward Thomas, concluded that Matthew, known as Matt, had taken his own life.

The 49-year-old had left his house on May 28 after a row with his family, saying he had had enough – something he had done before – but added how much he loved everyone.

After family members discovered his keys and phone the next day, they reported him as a missing person at Barnet police station but were later contacted after a railway driver reported hitting a man on the tracks at Potters Bar railway station at 9.21pm.

The driver, who had been heading to Peterborough from Kings Cross and had not been due to stop at the station, told police he had seen a man alone on the platform but was unable to stop in time.

Mr Black, who had been working through an agency as a labourer, had suffered from a drink problem – but a doctor’s report had said he had worked hard in previous months to stop drinking and allow his liver to repair itself.

Speaking to the family, Mr Thomas said: “I think he had had enough - it is clear that was his intention.

“I just feel so sorry for him and for you. It was clear he was very fond of [his family] from what he said before he left. I think it is very brave of you [his family] to come but it shows your great commitment to him.”

He concluded that Mr Black had taken his own life, citing the cause of death as multiple traumatic injuries.