Tenants facing eviction from their homes as part of a regeneration scheme appeared in court today.

People who live in Tyrell Way, Franklin House and Marriotts House face being moved out of their homes over the next six years as part of the West Hendon regeneration scheme.

Barnet Borough Council has to carry out a housing assessment into the residents, to decide which housing band to place them in.

A hearing at Willesden County Court today was called by the authority to give it permission to seek eviction notices.

Alex Finney, who has been a non-secure tenant since 2008, faces being moved out in March - but the judge adjourned his case until early January and ordered the council to carry out a housing assesment.

Mr Finney's barrister Brynmor Adams argued that if he was based in the wrong band, the chances of him being offered a secure tenancy were slim.

When complete, a total of 2,000 new homes will be built on the estate.

The work is being carried out by developer Barratt Metropolitan in partnership with Barnet Borough Council and Barnet Homes.

Mr Adams told the court that back in 2009, former council leader Mike Freer promised the tenants he would turn temporary tenancies into secure ones.

The judge said she would give the council an opportunity to file a defence regarding whether it had made representations about the types of tenancy available to Mr Finney.

Barnet Borough Council’s lawyer said she accepted that the council had a duty to rehouse Mr Finney, but that there had been problems engaging with him.

After adjourning the case, the judge said it was important Mr Finney understood he had to co-operate with the housing assessment.

Another resident, Shainaz Essack, also appeared before the court, but her case was also adjourned as she is waiting for a housing assessment.

Her solicitor argued that the assessment should have been done a long time ago, although the council’s lawyer said it had been unable to liaise with her.

The judge said it was important for a care package to be sorted out.

Rabah Yaddadene, a tenant in Franklin House, was shortlisted to be moved into a new home.

The judge ruled that the council has 28 days to confirm the property they offered him is guaranteed.

More hearings will take place tomorrow and next week.