Angry people are demanding action over potholes they say are “so big they could drown a small child”.

People in the Colindale area were horrified when crater-like holes began appearing on the streets a little over a year ago.

Although the roads are frequently flooded, many claim they have been “persistently neglected” by Barnet Borough Council.

Alexandra Wilson, of Douglas, Little Strand, says nothing has been done about the five potholes in her street, all more than a foot wide and three feet long.

The 25-year-old said: “I am furious about this – the road is in a complete state. Safety is paramount but it doesn’t feel like the council is taking that seriously. It doesn’t seem to care.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. The holes are so wide and deep that if a child were to trip over, they might end up falling face-first into the hole and drowning. The council should be ashamed, it’s a joke.

“It’s a dead end road which makes it all the more dangerous as you’ve constantly got people reversing up and down the street, and their cars could get ruined.”

Times Series:

After one of the wettest winters on record last year, road surfaces crumbled and cars were left with broken spokes, punctured tyres and buckled wheels.

Miss Wilson’s friend, Chris Wright, blames four slow punctures in the past year alone on the potholes.

Colindale is undergoing a regeneration scheme and new houses and flats are being built – but there is now a question as to whether the crumbling roads can handle the new infrastructure.

She added: “The roads are not fit for cars. It’s like they are only fit for horse and carts. What’s it going to be like when new people move in to the area when the flats are all built?”

Labour councillor Gill Sergeant, who represents people living in Colindale, is also worried by the gaps in the road.

Cllr Sergeant says they are particularly bad in Quakers Course and Lynton Avenue, but that no efforts have been made to repair them.

She said: “It’s terrible and the roads get flooded. It particularly worries me in Quakers Course because there are a lot of older people crossing the roads who could trip over.

“I know that it’s difficult with a regeneration scheme but Quakers Course is a main road which should be prioritised.

“What concerns me about Colindale as a hole is that repairs haven’t been done. In Lynton Avenue, people find it dangerous to get out of their houses because of all the potholes.

“It’s been going on for too long and with winter on its way, these repairs need to be prioritised and be done as soon as possible.”

The Times Series is awaiting comment from Barnet Council.