Parents say they have been left with “no hope” after a nursery school was served with a notice to leave.

Valley Pre-school, in Rossiter Fields, on the Dollis Valley estate, is due to leave its current building at the end of March.

A new nursery, run by Kidz Choice, is due to open on the estate in September – which means parents will have to find places for the months in between.

Mark Oliver, 35, chairman of trustees at the pre-school, said: “It’s so much more real now we have a date, and it doesn’t give us any hope or for the parents with kids going on to schools next year.

“The main problem seems to be the new nursery will not be open in time. That leaves the families without any security. It’s also an extremely damaging transition time. That crucial part of education will be interrupted.

“We had slim chances of getting something provided over the summer, but there’s no way we will be able to bring any of that forward.

"Even if we find a building now, we won’t be able to find it for March. It’s right at the start of the Easter holidays, moving out of the building will be no easy job. There’s going to be a massive interruption.”

Wendy Oliver, 69, who also works at the nursery, said: “The families are all as gutted as each other. We have always known it’s been on the cards, and I think it’s very sad that after 37 years we will go. This is the heart of the community. Why completely demolish a very well established nursery?"

Lorraine Kehinde, who has two three-year-old twins, Emmanuel and Elizabeth, at the nursery, said: “It’s a bit of a hoo ha, having to change again. I will have to look for somewhere for two or three months. It’s the thought of having to do it all over again, it’s like when you have to make new friends.”

In a statement, Barnet Borough Council said: “The council will work with the parents of any children attending Valley Pre-school in finding alternative childcare in the area until Kidz Choice nursery opens.

“We have been liaising with Kidz Choice to see how soon they can open. At present it looks likely to be September 2015. Kidz Choice nursery has made a commitment to ensure that places will be available to any child currently accessing a place at Valley Pre-school if they want one.”