The Liberal Democrats have announced their parliamentary candidate for Finchley and Golders Green.

Jonathan Davies, 53, who lives in Golders Green, will contest the seat for the party at the General Election in May.

A retired solicitor, Mr Davies previously stood for the seat for the Liberal Democrats  in the 1997 election, and was a Childs Hill councillor from 1994 to 1998.

He said: “It’s obviously going to be an interesting election. It’s the first time we are defending our record in government, and we are proud of that record. We will have an interesting campaign and I am sure we will do well.”

Mr Davies said he would campaign on local issues too, including the future of the borough’s library service, and added: “We predicted last year’s council tax cut would have a dire effect on services, and it has come back to bite.”

Despite the party losing all but one of its councillors in Barnet in last year’s elections, he said he was confident the party would do well in the borough.

“Last May’s local elections were disappointing, but we have a good record in government to defend. I think it’s very important the Liberal case is made, especially at a time of anti-immigration and anti-foreigner feeling. It’s arrogant to predict an election result. That’s for the electorate to decide.”

He added: “We aren’t going away. We will carry on.”

Other candidates who have announced they will stand in Finchley and Golders Green include the sitting Conservative MP, Mike Freer, Sarah Sackman for Labour, Adele Ward for the Green Party and Richard King for UKIP.

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