A campaigner has raised more than £5,000 to have the names of Second World War heroes added to a war memorial.

Catherine Loveday, 76, of Lullington Garth, Woodside Park, has spent hours researching the names of 227 men from Hendon who were killed in the war, which she hopes will be added to the memorial in Watford Way later this year.

Mrs Loveday started her research in Hendon after having success in campaigns to have names inscribed on war memorials in East Barnet and New Barnet.

She searched churches, schools and old newspapers to find the names, and raised the money by contacting relatives of the men to see if they would contribute to the project.

Mrs Loveday is now hoping to speak to any relatives she has not yet spoken to. A list of the 227 names she found is below.

The campaigner, who lost her father, Stanley Chapman, in the Second World War, said when she was growing up in East Barnet she was confused about why her father did not have his name on the war memorial.

When his name was eventually added in 1995, she realised there must be many more that needed to be added.

Upon retiring in 2004, she began researching the names of other men in the borough killed in the war.

Mrs Loveday said: “If it wasn’t for our relatives and those brave men, we wouldn’t be living in a free country. We have a lot to thank them for. They gave up their family lives and their homes to fight.

“In most cases, they didn’t have a funeral. All they had left were their names. My father was killed at sea, so there were no belongings left.

“There’s nothing more important than remembering their names. We are so lucky to have the freedoms and opportunities we have, but if it wasn’t for these men, that wouldn’t exist.”

Mrs Loveday now has her sights set on honouring the 400 soldiers from Finchley and 500 from Edgware she has also found.

To make a donation or for more information, contact Mrs Loveday on cloveday_65@hotmail.com

The names to be added to the war memorial are:

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