Pupils spearheaded a United Nations-inspired campaign to improve road safety outside their school.

Children at Sunnyfields Primary School, in Hatchcroft, Hendon, decided to petition Barnet Borough Council to introduce a zebra crossing in nearby Greyhound Hill after sharing their fears about crossing the “dangerous” road.

They were further encouraged after learning about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and recently organised a ‘flashmob’ outside the school which was joined by Hendon MP Matthew Offord.

Parents got firmly behind the pupils.

Vice chairman of governors Georgia Cocks, who has two children aged five and seven at the school, said: “People speed up and down the hill. Not only is it dangerous for the children, but for the people who live on the hill too. The traffic is really bad, especially in the mornings.

“I would hate for something to happen to force the council to do something about it. Now is the time to get on and do something.”

Hasan Cam, who also has two children at the school, said: “We need a zebra crossing on Greyhound Hill because the traffic will not stop for us, and quite often we have to dodge in and out of the moving cars to get to the other side. If there is no crossing when my children are older I will not let them walk alone.”

Mother-of-two Tracy Simmons, the chairman of school governors, said: “Crossing Greyhound Hill is extremely difficult for families. The traffic is usually heavy at school run times and drivers are just not willing to stop and allow children and parents to cross.

“A crossing would ensure everyone’s safety, not just for Sunnyfields families and staff but for the whole community.”

The Times Series is awaiting comment from Barnet Council.