I was shocked to read Brent Cross shopping centre does not pay its cleaners the Living Wage.

Well done to the young Masorti activists from Noam for making this their Pesach campaign. Their attitude is in stark contrast to the complacency from Brent Cross, saying that giving people the legal minimum and statutory entitlements like sick leave somehow equates to a host of benefits. What a joke.

What a poor example from a major employer and important part of the local community – especially one that wants to expand.

Even Tory Barnet Borough Council pays the Living Wage. In 2013, it recognised the potential benefits of paying the Living Wage in terms of increased productivity and lower staff turnover, and said all employers should do likewise.

Paying the Living Wage makes business sense and it’s the right thing to do for some of the hardest-working, least well-off people in our society. Brent Cross should step up, now.

Mike Katz

Ravenshaw Street, West Hampstead