Many people will be unaware that for many years there has been a very successful children’s farm in the Ridgeway, Mill Hill, which is open daily to the public. However, not for much longer if Barnet Borough Council has its way. The council is forcing it to close at the end of the month.

Not content with already having built more homes than anywhere else in the country over the last few years, let alone all those still being built and those in the pipeline, they now want to build thousands more homes on one of our last remaining areas of countryside.

This council is systematically destroying everything we love about Barnet, and the reasons why many people moved here in the first place.

There is only one party that pledges to stop the mass immigration that is the cause of all these problems, and I would like to suggest that people seriously consider what their priorities are in the forthcoming election, and what sort of Barnet they want for the future.

A petition has been set up to try and save the last farm in Barnet. Please type in ‘stop the closure of Belmont Children’s Farm’, sign it, and pass the petition on to as many people as possible.

Derek Hyland

Moss Hall Grove, Finchley