With the General Election imminent, I find myself torn between deciding whether to vote for the party best placed to serve this country or the candidate most likely to do their utmost for – and successfully to benefit – the constituency of Hendon.

Matthew Offord not only let me down badly over a specific question he had promised to ask in parliament, failing to do so, concerning a sale at Sotheby’s of philatelic assets owned by the British Postal Museum & Archive, but he also then changed sides, which was injudicious, given that the auction proved to be a disaster. Publishing a photo of me smiling and standing right next to him (like Woody Allen in Zelig) in his election brochure, when he knew where my loyalty lay, was the last straw. Consequently, the choice is a no-brainer.

In my view, Andrew Dismore is the only person fit to serve Hendon and, for the first time, I have even placed an ‘Andrew Dismore/Vote Labour’ poster in my lounge window. He has helped me many times, including after an armed burglary, chasing up the police, and even raising my case directly with the Mayor of London. I have always found Andrew to be diligent and caring of the local community. He gets my vote every time.

Gavin Littaur

Chairman, Rundell Crescent Residents’ Association