Before finally deciding for whom to vote, readers should ask all of the candidates the following questions?

1. What are your policies to reduce the tax burden on local residents, including home-owners and to reduce parking charges?

2. What is your policy to provide more affordable homes for young people who have lived in Barnet all their lives?

3. Do you believe Barnet should keep its libraries open?

4. Are you going to make Barnet a safer place to live by reopening police stations and restoring police to the beat?

5. Do you believe we should provide more grammar schools?

6. Do you think we should spend more on defence and less on propping up corrupt dictatorships and EU bureaucracy?

7. Do you believe we should give priority access to NHS services such as A&E for non-UK residents?

8. Are you going to do more to weed out housing benefit fraudsters?

If you get a reasoned answer from one of the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberal or UKIP, why not vote for that party?

Dr David Gutmann

Torrington Park, Finchley