I wish to thank the 20,604 electors in Hendon who voted for me at the General Election last week. I am sorry we were not able to deliver the result they wanted.

Clearly, the outcome is a disappointing one for them and for the Labour Party and of course, myself and my hundreds of volunteers (to whom I also express my thanks and pay tribute for their hard work on the doorsteps), but we of course accept the result of the democratic process.

It has to be said that yet again, there were a large number of administrative problems with the election, which deprived a large number of people their right to vote, although this time, it cannot be said they affected the overall outcome.

The council must rectify these recurring issues for the future confidence in elections in the borough.

I remain the London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden at City Hall, and residents can be assured that I and the rest of the local Labour Party will hold the Conservatives to account for the promises they made in the election about the NHS, policing and housing, irrespective of whom they voted for; and we will stand up for those Hendon residents who face very tough times over the next five years of unconstrained Conservative Government.

Andrew Dismore

Labour parliamentary candidate for Hendon

London Labour Assembly member for Barnet and Camden