Well done to the thousands of brave people who voted Green in Barnet.

You were all pressured very hard not to do so. You were subject to accusations that voting Green was in effect wanting some other party to win. Mostly, this was Labour saying to vote Green was “wanting to let the Tories in”.

You were misled to believe that the election was terribly close and to vote Green would be a reactionary vote.

What is painfully clear now is that in fact, you voted for the only progressive party in Barnet, the only one that knew what it wanted: more social justice, a healthy environment, and a pro-small business recovery; party that challenged the lie of austerity and proposed a Green New Deal for a recovery that would make everyone richer.

You increased support for the Greens across each of the three constituencies in Barnet, demonstrating that despite the pressure, we Greens are gaining credibility.

Remember this when you come to vote again: vote for what you believe in, because the perverse results of not doing so can be much more disappointing.

AM Poppy, Ben Samuel, Adele Ward

Barnet Green Party