I am sick of hearing in the media, such negative emphasis on our doctors surgery. I’ve been a patient in Southgate Surgery for ten years and as of late, I feel I'm part of the furniture with quite a few visits.

Every time I enter through the doors, I am greeted with a smiling, chatty professional receptionist.

If I can’t see my chosen doctor, I’m always given an appointment with the house doctor.

I’ve never been refused or have I ever waited two weeks for an appointment. This also goes for the practice nurse.

The surgery is very clean and so well organised. We really do need to stop moaning and groaning as we are so very lucky that this service is free.

What I like to do is occasionally drop in a tin of biscuits so they can enjoy them with their well-earned coffee. They all work so hard and have to put up with a lot.

So why not, next time you visit your own surgery, go in with a positive attitude, respect and a smile and this will make all the difference. You have nothing to lose, but to gain good health.

Sharman Walker

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