A mother whose son died in mysterious circumstances in Germany 12 years ago believes he was “destroyed” by a far-right group, an inquest heard.

Jeremiah Duggan was killed in Wiesbaden, Germany on March 27, 2003, after apparently being hit by two cars on a motorway.

The 22-year-old Jewish student had been attending what he believed was a peaceful protest against the Iraq war - but was actually a youth event organised by far-right group LaRouche.

German authorities ruled that Jeremiah had killed himself, but his mother, Erica Duggan, has always insisted his death was not a suicide.

A three-day inquest opened yesterday at North London Coroner’s Court.

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The court heard today that Jeremiah rang his mother at 4.25am on the morning of his death, and told her he was frightened and in “deep trouble”.

Mrs Duggan said: “As soon as I picked up the phone, immediately the very first thing he said was ‘I’m in deep, deep trouble.’ I knew by the sound of his voice he was in a very dangerous situation.”

Jeremiah told his mother he wanted to get away, before the phone was cut off.

Asked what she thought had happened, she said: “I think he was destroyed by this LaRouche organisation. My son was a very outspoken, independent, intelligent strong character. He would stand up for himself.

“If he saw there was something wrong, and found himself in a situation where the Jews were being blamed for all the troubles in the world, he would not just back off. He would stand up and speak his mind because he was like that, and I am like that. He had a strong sense of justice.”

Mrs Duggan said it was possible a fight had broken out.

She said: “The one thing I am absolutely sure of is he was trying to stay alive. Whether he was killed by the cars or not killed by the cars, I know one thing – if he had not left Paris and not been with those people, he would be alive today.”

Earlier in the day, the court heard from forensic scientist Alan Bayle that the death appeared to be “stage managed”, as there was no evidence Jeremiah’s body had been in collision with the two cars.

The inquest continues.