I recently received a telephone call from ‘Catherine’, calling on behalf of Barnet Borough Council, asking for residents’ opinions in respect of services offered by Barnet.

However, the survey was only applicable to residents under the age of 55 years.

Unfortunately, I do not match that criteria and there was no one else at home to take the call.

I told the caller this and said it was a disgrace that Barnet services were being outsourced — to which I was curtly cut off.

Having worked for Barnet Council for many years and having been involved with a department outsourcing programme (where Barnet jobs were transferred to Coventry), I witnessed first-hand, services being allowed to ‘run down’ through staffing levels, lack of training and removal of experienced staff — the same is happening in other sections that Barnet is now considering to outsource.

Judging by the telephone call I received, it would appear that over- 55s’ opinions don’t count. Why not — do we have too much common sense?

Mrs U Harman

Sturgess Avenue, Hendon