A couple who were kicked and punched in an unprovoked attack in a park compared their teenage attackers to “wild animals”.

Jennifer and Anna, who asked for their surnames not to be reported, were walking through Hendon Park, in Queens Road, on Thursday at around 3.20pm when a gang of 15 boys aged around 16 blocked their path.

The couple politely asked the teenagers to move, but they refused, before pinning Anna, 33, to the ground while Jennifer tried to hold them back.

Jennifer, 25, said: “I felt threatened, it was clear they were ready for a fight. Then out of nowhere, one of the boys tried to punch me in the face.

“Anna jumped in and he punched her instead, before throwing her on the floor. She managed to get one of the boys onto the ground, while two attacked her and tried to punch the back of her head.

“I tried to restrain them and protect her, but they were like wild animals, like maniacs. I kept thinking, I hope it ends quickly. Adrenaline took over.”

One of the boys yelled ‘rob them’ but they ran away, leaving a bruised and shaken Anna lying on the pavement.

Fortunately, she did not suffer any lasting injuries and did not need to go to hospital.

Police were called and attended the park, but the thugs had already fled the scene and no arrests were made.

Jennifer now wants to warn people to be on their guard when walking through the park to avoid it happening to others.

She is also calling on schools to do more to educate pupils about violent crimes.

She added: “It was awful but luckily none of us were left with lasting injuries. The scary thing is that this happened in the middle of the day, it was broad daylight.

“What’s stopping them having a go at an elderly person next? People need to be careful.

“It’s frustrating – we keep playing over what happened our minds. I sometimes wish I didn’t ask them to move, then this wouldn’t have happened.

“Part of me wants to see them again so the police catch them – but another part of me never wants to see them again in my life.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.