Okay, so we are facing cuts. Some are needed, let’s be fair. But the way in which they are being done isn’t fair at all.

Look at Mapledown School for an example. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to make cuts to this impeccable and reliable resource for the disabled children within the borough — the very people the local authority should be looking after, and have a duty to do so. It is the only resource available of its type.

I have a suggestion, albeit a small saving in the context of things. Why don’t we cut councillors down to two per ward instead of three?

Can we justify why three are needed when so few turn up to meetings on a regular basis?

The savings could be as little as £210,000 per year, basing it on 21 councillors at an average of £10,000 per year, or as much as £315,000 per year based on 21 councillors getting £15,000 per year.

A simple idea, but one that could help fund so many useful aspects of daily life for Barnet residents.

I somehow think this won’t even be mentioned to the council as it has to protect itself first and the residents are just seen as a nuisance, and this doesn’t offer any money to Capita.

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