My name is Juliet and I am writing on behalf of myself and my four children. I am a mother, employee, student and an ex-resident of Sweets Way.

I am fighting for both my future and the future of my young family. Losing my home is not like losing an election or losing points on the stock market. Without a place to call home, what else do we have? Our entire world fell apart when we were evicted from Sweets Way.

We have had to learn to deal with the accompanying turmoil, disruption, trauma and uncertainty. How could Barnet Borough Council grant Annington Properties the planning permission to develop Sweets Way without securing suitable accommodation for the residents first? Were we ever on your list of priorities? My children will grow up knowing that they were failed by the system when they were most vulnerable.

On April 29, I received a four-page letter from Barnet Homes. It felt as if someone had put a bullet through my heart. I felt numb, astonished, weak in the legs and have been in a constant state of shock ever since. What have we done to deserve this?

If everyone was on a six-figure salary, we would all be able to purchase our homes. Consequently, Barnet Homes would not exist. But we cannot all be doctors, lawyers or MPs.

As a parent, I work hard to provide my children with the necessities of life. Please allow my family to have a home again, so we can once again find happiness, joy, peace of mind, stability and most of all, be part of a community again. The quality time I used to spend with my children has been taken away as we spend most of our time commuting to and from their respective schools.

I am pleading with Barnet Homes for compassion and consideration. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Words could never express my feelings.

Ms Juliet Azie

Former Sweets Way resident