Just thought I would share with you my frustrations with being a jobseeker and looking for work.

A couple of months back, I applied to Barnet council for various positions within the parks street scene section. First of all, one had to undergo a telephone assessment and then if successful was required to attend a interview at the council’s Mill Hill depot.

Now this letter is not sour grapes, but it was one of the easiest interviews I have ever had so I left feeling confident. It was quite a low-paid job in comparison with other London boroughs, but being unemployed and trying so hard to get back into employment and being local I felt it was a start.

No one from the depot ever got back to me with that result and I was forced to call them. Only to be told sorry you were not successful, goodbye.

Being someone of principle, I felt this was an extremely poor way to treat a job applicant so I made an official complaint to Barnet council.

I received an email from the complaints team, who copied me. It stated to the department in question ‘please respond within five days as set out by the council’s complaints procedure’. Five weeks on and I still haven’t received a response.

So as an unemployed person who is jobseeking, it’s left a negative attitude of how I view Barnet council and leads me to believe there are management failings within the parks street scene section.

Ryan Herrmann

Woodside Park Road, Woodside Park