It was a mistake to believe Barnet council’s statement about the events outside town hall (‘Campaigners barred from council chamber’, Times Series, May 21). The demonstration by Sweets Way supporters was peaceful until entrance to the public full council meeting was barred.

In previous flare-ups, at which I have been present – described in various press pieces as “storming” the chamber(s) – the security people and the police have been judiciously tolerant of protesters’ behaviour. I have twice personally thanked them on the spot for their part in proving that we do indeed live in a democratic nation, and their response was that we had done nothing illegal. Interesting, yes? A democratic Barnet, not a repressive one.

Consider that it had been hoped that on the night of May 14 a petition signed by 200,000 people would be received in open council... and imagine the disappointment of those who’d come there to attest to the wrongfulness of the current local housing administration, unable to even get into the building.

Bob Jacobson

Greenway Close, Totteridge