Tom Hughes has revealed portraying James Bond would be “incredible”.

The 29-year-old actor, who plays young MI5 operative Joe Lambe in BBC Two series The Game, said he’d like to throw his hat in the ring once Daniel Craig decides to retire from the role.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in SpectreDaniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre (Sony Pictures UK)

“Would I like to be James Bond? There’s not many people who wouldn’t want to be James Bond,” Tom said.

“If someone sits me down and offers me James Bond one day, it’d be an incredible day. I would strongly consider that. No one’s asked me to play it yet, but I’d love them to ask, so then I would know (how that feels).”

Tom, who has also starred in Ricky Gervais’ comedy-drama Cemetery Junction, BBC Two jazz drama Dancing On The Edge and Agatha Christie’s Marple, revealed how he found inspiration from the Beatles for his portrayal of Joe.

Tom Hughes as Joe Lambe in The Game Tom Hughes as Joe Lambe in The Game (Des Willie/BBC)

“The Beatles were definitely my starting point with Joe. Music’s my life and I often use music to get into character. I listened to a lot of The Beatles to get me into character,” the actor explained.

“I looked at John Lennon quite a bit, and his ability to show so much depth in one minute and then he’d be falling off his chair, laughing in the next,” he continued.

“I wanted to show a bit of that anger that Lennon had in his songwriting. He was such a fascinating being, John Lennon, and a musical inspiration to me and I felt like Joe, although he’s a lot darker, had a similar ability to step across lines and keeping you guessing.”

Asked if there was a particular song he turned to, Tom said: “I remember filming a scene in episode one when me and Shaun Dooley’s character were in a cupboard… and the Beatles song Polythene Pam came into my head, over and over.”

The Game is out on DVD and Blu-ray now.