I would like to thank the Times Series for covering the story about Labour’s delaying of a new primary school in Burnt Oak (‘Free school plan blocked’, Times Series, June 5). No doubt there is a limit as to how much a newspaper can write about any given topic, and so I would be grateful to inform readers of some additional facts.

Labour councillors referred the matter for a wider debate when they know full well the debate at council will be much shorter than that had at a recent committee meeting, which the Burnt Oak councillors did not attend for some reason.

Labour councillors would like the land to be returned into playing fields but, as usual, have not said how that would be funded. They have also chosen to keep quiet about the fact that Conservative plans for the school also include a new all-weather pitch, which would be available for community use.

‘Local opposition’ to the school is cited by Labour, but the petition they’ve been asking people to sign does not mention the all-weather pitch for community use. Labour’s delaying of a badly-needed primary school and a new community sports facility are proof of their blind, unreasoned stubbornness. They’re not sensible or honest enough to be an effective and constructive opposition, yet alone run the council. Residents can be rest assured that local Conservatives will make the decisions needed to ensure Barnet is the best London borough to live in.

Cllr Daniel Thomas

Con/Finchley Church End ward

Barnet council