I was wondering if your readers may be able to help me. I am trying to trace our family history.

I have attached a photo of Clara Woods and Aunt Eph, most probably taken in the 1950s. I am hoping someone may recognise Aunt Eph, she used to live in Birkbeck Road in Mill Hill, and whilst she is obviously no longer with us, I wonder if someone may recognise her.

I thought her surname was Marks but can find no trace of her on the electoral rolls.

I also remember Aunt Eph having at least one son, who I think is called Patrick and would have been born around 1928.

I remember being taken down to the end of the road to play on the swings and roundabouts, but we had to cross Daws Lane, which was a busy road even in wartime, and they had a great VE Day street party.

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