Letters in the local press criticise Labour councillors for referring the application by Bellevue Place to acquire the land at Pavilion Way for a primary school to full council.

The first point to make is that the land was originally designated, and run, for community sports use.

Tory councillors have neglected to do anything with it for the past ten years, despite repeated requests and a petition from residents to bring it back into use.

The letters say that there will be sports facilities and that these would be in line with those already in place at Orion. As a private provider, how do we know what the school may choose to do once it is up and running?

Labour members on the assets and regeneration committee were not objecting to the school as such but saying, as we have been doing for months, that apart from the prospect of losing potential community space, it is the wrong place for a primary school, amid fears it will add to already serious traffic congestion in the area. Is it in the area of greatest need in any case?

Given the above and the lack of information at the time it was quite correct to refer the matter to full council for wider debate – that is what the process is for. Tory members are now making a fuss because it exposes their shortcomings in the handling of this whole matter.

Cllr Anne Hutton

Labour spokesperson for children, education, libraries and safeguarding