A GIRL band has vowed “not to let the bullies win” after Nazi symbols were posted over their Twitter page.

Singer Chelsea Greene, of Edgware Way, Edgware, has described the ‘heart breaking’ moment her girl band Office Girls realised they were the victims of an online hack attack which lost them all their followers and left them with Nazi symbols posted on their accounts.

Known in the band as Miss Nova, the 24-year-old and her fellow band members have spent months organising flash mobs at Liverpool Street station, Compton Street, Carnaby Street and the Notting Hill Carnival ahead of the release of their first single - a risqué cover of Austin Mahone’s Dirty Work.

But on the day of the big release, the band’s Twitter accounts were blocked by a cyber-attack – which investigating officers have described as a “hate crime” –with a Nazi Swastika being added to some of the girl’s pages.

Miss Greene said: “All that hard work we put in was just taken away from us just like that, we were devastated.

“We lost everything, all our followers that we worked so hard to reach out to. It was heart breaking.

“Every day we go on our own Twitter accounts and have the group one too, and suddenly we got a message saying one of them had been hacked with ‘Love Seaworld’.

“Within minutes they all changed to all these horrible things, we were shocked and didn’t know what was happening or who could have done this to us. They even hacked our YouTube account and took down our video on the day of our big release.”

But the band, which also includes Shereece Foster (Miss Vixen), Radha Patel (Miss Mocha) and Michelle Grimes (Miss Bombshell), Kortni Turner (Miss Dime) have not let the hacking unnerve them.

She said: “We finally got the video back, YouTube managed to restore it to us, but we did lose all our followers and our fans from Twitter.

“It came as a huge blow but we all said won’t let these bullies beat us – we’re stronger than that.

“We’ve got great fans who are really loyal so this can’t stop us. We have some amazing things lined up for us, a tour and some flash mobs, which will be so much fun.

“We’re just trying to pursue a career we love, and we’re doing it the hard way and working hard to make it.”

The band was formed earlier this year after five girls were selected in by Simon Cowell’s former boss Ellis Rich and partner Marvyn Howell, who were responsible for the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias.

Initially all the original places in the five-piece line up had been taken so instead the 24-year-old accepted the leading role in a musical revue at the Medplaya Hotels in Spain.

But then last month she received an email from Ellis and Marvin telling her that one of the girls had left – ending with her jumping on the next plane and jetting home to the UK immediately to replace her.

She said: “It came as such a shock, but I just packed up my stuff and then I went straight back to England.

“I was quite unhappy in Spain, even though the company were great, but I was just hoping something amazing would happen – and then it did.

“It was a real blessing in disguise, and I think the band have amazing potential. We all come from working background but we are all so different, so we can represent all different types of women.

“We all love performing – love singing and dancing and it’s just such a great group to be a part of.”