A COUPLE who spent their life savings on their dream home are locked in a dispute with a property developer, who they say are causing them to live a “nightmare”.

Carolina and Roberto Revilla moved into a newly-built house in Morphou Road, Mill Hill, in July 2014.

Part of the Millbrook Park estate, the house cost £950,000 and was built by developer Taylor Wimpey.

The Times Series reported in May how the couple quickly found problems throughout the house, including missing insulation, scratched windows, noise problems and damage to the floor.

They say the garden was also poorly designed, which regularly left it waterlogged because there is nowhere for the lawn to drain.

The defects led the couple to nickname the house ‘Hogwarts’ – because “nothing is as it seems".

A resolution meeting between Taylor Wimpey and Mr and Mrs Revilla was held in May with the National House Building Council (NHBC).

In a report published at the end of May, the NHBC upheld the couple’s complaints, and gave Taylor Wimpey until August 28 to fix the problems.

But weeks later, the couple say they are still waiting for most of the work to be done.

Mrs Revilla, 42, said: “The situation has become really antagonistic. It seems we are being steamrollered all the time. We are not sleeping well because of the noise problems. It is becoming a nightmare. We bought this house hoping to start a family.

“We just wanted to move in and get on with our lives, but it has been the opposite. It felt like we couldn’t move in properly, because we were always waiting for something to be done or repaired.”

Mrs Revilla, an accountant, added: “It is really unfair. I found this process soul destroying. What I find more inflammatory is now we know what is wrong, we are having to continue living like this. It is like they do not care.”

Mr Revilla, 38, said: “We don’t know what is going on. They are not giving us any answers at all. It is terrible. It has been extremely stressful.

“We didn’t hear from them, although they promised us updates. Then we got an email blaming us, telling us our behaviour is inflammatory, and all this other nonsense, when all we want is our house put right.”

He said while work was carried out on the missing insulation, 75 per cent of the walls were found to be empty, as they had never been properly insulated.

Mr Revilla, a menswear designer and tailor, said Taylor Wimpey started work on the garden last week, but have not returned yet this week.

They also took down the fence to carry out the work, and left thin tarpaulin sheets in its place.

Mr Revilla added: “We sought assurances from them they would put security fencing in to protect our privacy. But they basically left a transparent fence, which has put our lives on display.

“We had to go and buy black sheeting. You could see through to our ground floor. They told us our request was unreasonable.”

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said: “We sincerely regret the issues that Mr and Mrs Revilla have experienced at their home.

“We are continuing to work with the NHBC and Mr and Mrs Revilla to resolve these matters, a substantial amount of which have already been completed, and hope to bring all outstanding items to a conclusion as soon as possible.”