MUSIC and dancing entertained the crowds at the annual Cricklewood Festival.

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy all that the town has to offer last Sunday (September 20), which included a wide range of food stalls and musical performances from nearby schools.

Campaigners also spent the day collecting signatures opposing development on the Cricklewood green space.

Barnet council recently shelved plans to sell off the space for housing, after a furious backlash from residents and councillors.

Renee Dolan, a volunteer at the Cricklewood Improvement Programme, which organised the festival, said: “It was well attended, we were happy with the turnout. All sorts of music played, with all ages dancing. We had lots of positive comments, with people saying it was a great idea.”

She added: “We would like to continue doing them, but there is a threat to the green space. It is very important, it is the only green space in Cricklewood, the only public space.

“We went to a lot of trouble to improve that space, by putting in the market space and planting trees, so I would like to see it remain for the public.”

Speaking about withdrawing the plans to sell off the green space, deputy leader of Barnet council Councillor Dan Thomas said: “I was hoping to start the debate at committee, and there were specific proposals. But the ward councillors wanted to have more engagement with the community before we had the debate.

“There has been outline planning permission for a number of years. And development on this site has been there in the background, but of course they are new to the council and I think they wanted to take a fresh look at things.”