A GRANDMOTHER was left stunned when she hit a “ridiculously huge” rock while driving through a hospital car park.

Dee Hoare, of Tavistock Close, Potters Bar, was looking for a parking space at Finchley Memorial Hospital for an ultrasound when she heard a scraping sound.

The 64-year-old did not see the boulder because she claims it is on a blind spot and impossible to see when turning the corner.

Her two-year-old grey Audi was left with a wide two-meter scratch on her front passenger and back doors and her central locking system no longer works.

She said: “I was quite distressed by this – going to hospital is a distressing experience in the first place and this made it worse. I was very upset. I simply couldn’t believe it.

“It’s a massive thing – it’s ridiculously huge. It’s pointless and doesn’t actually serve any purpose, I don’t know what it’s there for.”

She is not the first person to have been caught out – last week, the Times Series reported how Lionel Pereira caused £4,000 of damage to his Nissan Qashqai at the same place.

Mr Pereira is calling on the hospital to remove what he calls a “deceptive and vile” stone which could put people at risk.

The boulder is on the side of the pavement in the car park where flower beds used to be, but were removed after too many drivers ran them over.

Mrs Hoare said: “I have informed security. I bet other people have been caught out too and myself and Mr Pereira are not the only ones.

“It shouldn’t be there – it’s completely ugly.”

While Mr Pereira was offered £500 in compensation for the damage, Mrs Hoare has complained to the hospital and is awaiting a response.

The Times Series has requested comment from Finchley Memorial Hospital.