A £90,000 project will restore long-lost parts of the gardens at Finchley landmark Stephens House.

Starting tomorrow (January 5) at the site in East End Road, it will create a new water supply for the old Bog Garden and its pond.

Paths around it will also be repaired, and a new platform will be built for people to have a closer look.

The project, which is being overseen by the Avenue House Estate Trust, received £50,000 from the Veolia Environmental Trust and a grant of £90,000 from Barnet Council.

An anonymous donor also gave £6,250.

Chairman of the trust, Andy Savage, said: “This project will benefit the local citizens of Barnet and Finchley, and anyone else who uses the estate. The gardens are open to anyone who wishes to use them free of charge every day of the year.”

Paul Taylor, executive director of The Veolia Environmental Trust, said: “We support community and environmental projects across England and Wales and it is always great to hear about the start of one we have helped. I look forward to seeing this exciting project, which will benefit people and wildlife, take shape over the coming months.”