ASTONISHED pupils rubbed their eyes and pinched themselves when they were told dinosaur eggs had been discovered in their school playground.

Children from Parkfield Primary School, in St David’s Place, Hendon, were left roaring with delight after the find.

They arrived at school on Monday morning to see a police car parked on the playground with its blue lights flashing.

Teachers were milling around a crime-scene cordon with puzzled look on their faces.

In the middle of the playground was three rock-like objects and rumours started to fly about what they could be.

When pupils were called into assembly that morning, deputy headteacher Claire Cunningham revealed the remarkable truth – these are indeed dinosaur eggs.

Te’An, who is in Year 1, said: “When I was walking my mum told me – look what’s over there, and I was shocked. I think they are dinosaur eggs.”

The find inspired the children to find out all they could about the amazing discovery and have now spent the week taking part in dino-activities.

The project is being led by English coordinator Shardi Vaziri and children’s author Anthony Lishak.

The children have been researching what dinosaur could have laid these eggs and have written dinosaur-themed stories.

Others have been taught how to draw a picture of a dinosaur, including a Pterodactyl, and are making documentaries about the prehistoric monsters.

Edson, who is in Year 1, said: “When I was sleeping in the middle of the night I think I heard triceratops stomping in the playground.”

Zara, who is also in Year 1, said: “I went to the museum yesterday and I saw a pterodactyl egg and it was the same colour and size as ours.”

Head teacher of Jurassic Parkfield School, Alison Holding, said: "It is a joy to see how inspired the children are by this exciting find.

“At Parkfield we believe learning should be fun and we are really looking forward to sharing all of the amazing work that the children are producing with their parents at the end of the week.”