Victims of the ‘Highgate Vampire’ are being sought to finally resolve the 46-year-old supernatural mystery.

During a spate of incidents between 1969 and 1973 two women were reportedly attacked in North London by a mysterious grey figure.

The Highgate Vampire publication and Vamped magazine are seeking the whereabouts of alleged survivors Elizabeth Wojdyla and Jaqueline Cooper.

Editors of the online magazines are convinced their testimony could expose the figure who haunted the Highgate Cemetery.

The Highgate Vampire editor, Trystan Lewis Swale, is using an account from self-styled vampire hunter Sean Manchester to unravel the case. He said: “Miss Wojdyla met Manchester by chance in the summer of 1969 whilst she was suffering from a number of health complaints.

“He attributed her condition to repeated attacks from what he would call a ‘King Wampyr’; supposedly an undead medieval nobleman from central Europe.” Miss Wojdyla has never gone public leaving the vampire hunter’s recollections unconfirmed.

Finding Jaqueline Cooper is Vamped’s Anthony Hogg’s chief concern but with contrasting names attributed to her it is proving problematic.

She featured in a 1973 Witchcraft magazine article as ‘Jacqui Frances’ and photos from Manchester’s accounts have called her ‘Lusia’.

Mr Hogg added: “I’m confident this person’s true identity is Jacqueline Cooper.

“A number of former acquaintances are convinced the woman in the photographs are her, I just really want to confirm this.”

Those with information regarding their whereabouts can contact Mr Lewis Swale on and Mr Hogg on