AN experienced cyclist has branded potholes a “disgrace” after he was almost knocked off his bike when his tyres were hit by punctures.

Stuart Palfrey says Barnet Council should address the issue before a cyclist is seriously injured or killed after he faced several near misses in a matter of days.


The 50-year-old was cycling through Totteridge Lane on February 24 when both his tyres were pierced and he had to narrowly avoid being hit by a 10ft lorry behind him.

He was on his way to a new job in East Barnet but had to abandon his journey.

He said: “I was nearly killed. I have only been in my new job for three weeks and after the potholes blew both my tyres, I had to go home.

“This is a new job and I could lose it over this. The road needs tarmacking, they are an absolute disgrace and have massive potholes in the middle of them.

“It’s a real danger.”

He says Mays Lane, in East Barnet, is also plagued with potholes and is calling for action.

He added his friends who drive cars have also reported problems.

Mr Palfrey added: “It needs to be addressed as it is getting dangerous out there. It is lucky that I’m an experienced cyclist, and I’m not one to complain but I have had enough.

“If they do not sort it, someone will get killed.”

A Barnet Council spokesperson who the authority refused to name, said: "We take the safety of our residents seriously and are investigating this matter.

"Each year we spend between £1.5 million and £2 million on road maintenance, including pot hole repairs. We routinely carry out inspections of every road and pavement in the borough and any problem is repaired within agreed timelines.

"Potholes can be reported through our website and we will send an officer to investigate and prioritise work required."