COUNCILLORS have called for rapid improvements to potholes and dangerous pavements which they described as “haphazard”.

Barnet’s Labour councillors told the environment committee, which was held at Hendon Town Hall last night, how residents were fed up with badly repaired potholes.

Labour councillor Devra Kay was left "disappointed" as councillors voted against her suggestion of creating a pavement and pothole panel.

Instead, Conservative chairman Cllr Dean Cohen opted to wait until the results of a report in July.

She said: “Most complaints I get from residents and businesses are about the shocking state of the roads and pavements. The dangerous pavements become ever more dangerous when vision is impaired by dimlighting.

“This is not only a case of lack of funds, but of poor management. Repairs are not done, or are falsely claimed to be done when they are not, and the repairs themselves are shoddy and have to be done over and over again at a cost both human and financial.”

“I am very disappointed that once again the Tories with their one vote majority voted against my suggestion of a panelto regularly inspect repairs claimed to have been done in their vicinity, to ensure they have been done and to assess the quality of the repair."

Cllr Dean Cohen said: “The members’ item by Cllr Kay regarding pavements was supported. Cllr Kay’s amendment was turned down because when a members item comes in you need time to consider it."

Dr Alexander, a Hendon GP, told the committee she suffered a had to have four stitches in her hand, a bruised chest and had needed has to wear a knee strap ever since falling on a dangerous pavementsshe fell on of the dangerous movements.

She said: “I do not know what to do. I am seeing an orthopaedic surgeon, and had no reply when I first contacted the council about this.

“I fell in the evening when I was with my daughter, and the pavement I fell on is two inches above others, and I know of other people who have fallen as well.

“One 80-year-old woman fractured her hip from falling from these type of pavements.”

Labour councillor Agnes Slocombe, who represents West Hendon, said there was not a ward in Barnet that was unaffected not affected by the problems.

Cllr Slocombe said: “I am fed up with the way the potholes are being repaired, they are what I would call haphazard.

“These potholes need repairing and we need to make sure they are repaired properly. My residents are fed up with these potholes too, how much more can they put up with."

“Let us know the correct procedure of what we are doing.”

Councillor Arjun Mittra, who represents the East Finchley ward, showed committee members spoke to the committee, showing members before and after photographs of the pothole repairs.

He said: “This is a particular concern to me, the pothole problems are 50 per cent of my workload. The council is having to repair the same pothole again and again and again, because the quality is so bad and the after car is poor quality as well.”