An 83-year-old has criticised a “money-grabbing” car parking company which he says should not ticket people at night.

Allan Mills, of Kenerne Drive, Barnet, visited the Manor Restaurant in Wylliotts Place, Potters Bar, with his wife and some friends last week.

The group parked in Catherine House, behind the Skechers offices, but when they returned they were stunned to see a £100 fine.

While the car park is manned during the day and is only for employee use only, he does not think these rules should apply in the evening when it is empty.

The retired police officer said: “It’s a bit naughty for them to charge £100. We are not causing any inconvenience by parking there in the evening.

“It’s a bad sad because I feel like it’s a money grabbing spinner.

“I know this car park is usually full during the day and some measure of control is necessary. But evenings after 7pm are unlikely to interrupt [t business at the surrounding offices.”

He says the parking spaces in the surrounding roads regularly get clogged up by people visited the Wylliotts Theatre.

He now wants to warn people against using the car park, which is managed by privately owned Vehicle Control Services.

He added: “I want to help people save the additional cost to their evening’s entertainment. The restaurant is fantastic and we go there regularly, but this could have an adverse effect for some.”

The Times Series has requested comment from Vehicle Control Services.