PUPILS at a school which narrowly escaped being bombed during the Second World War will be treated to a surprise party to mark its 80th birthday.

Four bombs landed on the playground and field of Osidge Primary School, in Chase Side, Southgate, during the blitz.

The building survived the war, and now more than 430 pupils attend the school.

The Osidge School Association, a parent run charity has launched Osidge 80 to help celebrate the school’s history. A party will also be held at school today.

Paul Shuttleworth, one of the parents who created the Osidge 80 website, said: “We’ve been talking to pupils who walked through the door in 1936 and went to school during the blitz.

“Our celebrations are about making sure we don’t forget those stories. As a school, our heritage is very important to us.”

A Rolls Royce Sedacana De Ville, built in 1936, the same year as the school was built, will make an appearance.

The vintage car part of local entrepreneur’s Rodger and Chris Dudding's car collection in Potters Bar.

The school will also remember the dedication of former 1970s teacher John Kraushaar, and award hard working children with an award in his name.

If you are a former pupil or staff member, you can share your memories online at www.osidge80.org.