PUB goers have been left "appalled and distressed" after their local was put up for sale.

The Tally Ho, in High Road, North Finchley, has been a staple of the High Street since 1927 - but it is one of 33 of Wetherspoons Pubs across London which faces an uncertain future.

A group of regulars say the pub is "always busy" and say it would be a huge loss to the area if it were to be sold.

Plumber Michael Thornton, who has been visiting the pub for years, says it is a happy and friendly place where "everybody knows eachother".

The 60-year-old said: "It is grand place with great people, and everyone knows each other. They could give it a lick of paint, but either way, they should leave the place as it is.”

The Tally Ho was built in 1927, three years after the Park Road Hotel was bulldozed and the pub chain refurbished the building in 1991.

At the moment, it is unclear whether it will remain a pub after it has been sold off - but there are rumours it could be turned into a restaurant or housing.

It will continue trading as a Wetherspoon pub as normal until or if the pub is sold.

Eloise Clarke lives in North Finchley and says she is “deeply appalled and distressed” at the thought of pub’s closure.

The 18-year-old: “The central meeting point for practically all North London youths, and of cours football fanatics, the closure of this glorious pub will be a true loss not only to Finchley, but also to my heart.”

North Finchley resident Lisa Chappell echoed her views, saying: "What are they thinking? Every time I go there it is so packed you can hardly find a seat.

"I have been going to this place for nearly 25 years and I am just really upset about it. It is such a fixture in the community, I just don't know where we will go for a quiet dinner or drink if it were to go."

Beatrice Baker says she is angry about the uncertainty surrounding the pub's future.

She said: "There’s been a pub on that site for a few hundred years. Horses stopped there for a drink of water. A group of us always spend hours talking away at the Tally Ho on a Friday night.”

Eddie Gershon, a spokesperson for J D Wetherspoon said: “We can confirm that Tally Ho is up for sale. We know a lot of our loyal customers will be disappointed. However, Wetherspoons, like other companies, has to take commercial decisions which are right for the company.

“The business will continue to run as normal until or if it is sold. There will be no job losses as a result of the sale.”