CARING for five incubated eggs has proved therapeutic at an Edgware care home.

People living at Edgware’s Appletree Court Care Home, in Burnt Oak Broadway, cared for and watched carefully as five eggs hatched into ducklings.  

Two care home residents Olga Green and Aurelio Campa, paid extra attention to the eggs, and care manager, Patricia Waldron, said they spent “many hours watching the ducklings develop”.

Within just a few days of receiving the eggs, the ducklings cracked their way out of their shells.

Donated by the organisation ‘Incredible Eggs’, a team of people share the hatching experience with nurseries, schools and care homes across the UK.

Ms Waldron said: “The whole experience since the eggs were delivered to Appletree Court has been fantastic for the Residents.

“Watching the joy in their faces, first as the ducklings hatched through to watching them day by day grow has been really rewarding. We will definitely have more eggs next year as the adventure has been both therapeutic and fun.”