PEOPLE living in Totteridge were told to pay £26,000 for BT connection – and one AM is demanding answers for the community.

Labour AM Andrew Dismore for Barnet and Camden, addressed London Mayor Sadiq Khan over better access to high speed broadband, during Mayor’s Question Time on Wednesday June 22.

Mr Dismore said: “There are many examples of BT putting their profits before their obligation to the public to provide broadband access, but even when they get the money they still don’t get on with it.

“BT decided that from their point of view it was uneconomic to connect a road of 170 homes in Totteridge. To be connected, BT demanded that the residents would have to pay £26,000.

“Over a year ago, the residents paid up to Openreach and signed BTs contract. You might have thought that once they got the money, Openreach would get on with it, but the residents are still not connected.”

Mr Dismore also asked the Mayor if he would "lobby the Government" to ensure that BT’s broadband is made to work in the interests of the public.

The Mayor agreed with the points made by Mr Dismore and said he would lobby the Government over the issue.

A BT spokesman, said: "We’re as frustrated as anyone by the delays to our co-funded project in Totteridge, and we have been updating the community regularly on the situation.


"As we advised the Assembly Member earlier this month, we have faced protracted negotiations with a local landowner and their representatives, which have obstructed our plan to install and power a new fibre cabinet in the area.

"Clearly we have to comply with legislation, so we have been powerless to act until the landowners or their agents give us written permission to proceed. 

"We are working hard to make fibre broadband available to local residents as soon as possible."

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