A REFUGEE living in Golders Green is using art to tell the story of his family’s struggle.

Aziz Anzabi was a professor at the University of Tehran in Iran until the new government which took over in the revolution of 2009 forced him to escape to England with his wife and two daughters.

He is sharing his story to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the signing of the Refugee Convention, the international law which means that refugees can be protected around the world.

The 46-year-old said: “I think it is important that Britain continues to protect refugees. People must understand that refugees do not flee for economic reasons.

“Refugees are desperate for freedom and they bring skills and talents and the belief they can improve the life of their children and those of the society which offers them sanctuary.

“I was desperate for my daughters just to survive. Here I am safe. Freedom is possible.”

After leaving Iran, Aziz and his family spent two and a half months in the back of a lorry barely seeing any daylight and going to the toilet in bottles.

Both of his daughters were less than three years old at the time.

His relatives back home are still harassed by authorities who want to know where he has gone.

When he arrived in the UK, Aziz relied on charities to give him second hand paint brushes for his art.

His artwork has been featured in dozens of exhibitions, won international awards, cited in the British Library and printed onto clothes and scarves.