Pizza will take centre stage at a new festival at Wembley Park tomorrow, with support from DJs and live music.

Independent pizza companies from across the country will set up stalls and sell by the slice so that you have the opportunity to try various toppings, both classic and some new concoctions such as Nutella, XXL Man vs Pizza slices, a roast dinner slice and many more; including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

All while you can be listening to live music from Bluey Robinson, Delilah, Jessica Agombar and mixes from DJ Swerve of Kiss 100 radio, DJ and producer Sammy Porter, Jey Flash from north London DJ duo D.T.A (Due To Availability) and DJ Rugrat, who has helped to organise the event.

DJ Rugrat goes by the name of Nainesh Patel during the day, when working for the event company Musical Movements, he explains the innovative idea: “I’m doing the event with another company called Xclusive touch and we were trying to finalise exactly which way to go with a festival, we were doing it based on the artists but we realised how many festivals there are, we were doing this over pizza and then it just came from that.

“We wanted to make it more boutique and unique so that’s why the focus was on the pizza, but it still has an incredible line up.

Nainesh, 30, admits to being on the London club scene for a long time but considering his age I underestimated how long he meant.

“I starting DJing when I was 13, I started really young that’s why my name is Rugrat. Everyone I used to DJ with was older than me. Then I went off to university in Manchester and came back at 21 and I’ve been doing it professionally for the last nine years.”

Nainesh has DJed around the world, but with a capacity of 10,000 people the festival is certainly a step up, not least for the organisation.

“We got in touch with Wembley Park and they really liked the concept and then the council approved it, this was about a year ago. It’s a big place and it’s taken most of our time, we underestimated how much time it would take. We’ve learnt so much, I’m looking forward to working on something similar if not the same thing again next year.”

The event is a joint collaboration between events companies Xclusive Touch and Musical Movements.

Watford resident Robbie Cave explains how Xclsuive Touch began: “I met my business partners while working part-time at Topshop. Initially our main focus was to organise a way for our friends to meet up bi-weekly in London’s best venues.

“After creating our first website, word soon spread and we found ourselves organising numerous celebrations. Stuggling to cope with the demand we made the collective decision to work on the company full-time.”

Since then Robbie has worked on more than 1,000 events ranging from nightclubs, Royal Ascot day trips, boxing events and even international tours.

He adds: “I particularly enjoy the music events as it unites a lot of people and it’s satisfying knowing they have chosen your event for their leisure time.”

A wide range of other attractions will keep you entertained all day with beer-pong, giant Connect 4, fairground rides and the mysterious promise of carnival style challenges.

Tickets start at £25, with VIP tickets for £49.50 giving access to a private area, priority entrance and a private bar.

MySliceFest, Wembley Park, London, HA9 0TU, July 30, 12pm until 9pm.