“Less than 12 hours ago I was on a DLR train in London,” I say as clouds surround me, 2,677 metres up in the Swiss Alps.

I am making my way around the Thrill Walk on the eve of its official opening on July 8. It is the latest attraction in the strikingly beautiful village of Mürren in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland.

The walkway clings to the cliff-side over a yawning void 250-metres below that you can apprehensively observe as you make your way ever upwards on the Schilthorn cable car. Offering more than just a simply stroll around the side of the Swiss Alps, it compels you to endure several stomach-churning tests of strength and mettle including a 10-metre cattle grid, an eight-metre Nepalese rope bridge – with netting below, of course - and an eight-metre crawl-through tunnel that was made with children in mind but is suitable for the young at heart as well.

The Schilthorn summit, even further up the mountain at 2,970 metres, was made famous in the 1969 Bond film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Many will remember the daring chase down the snowy mountains and the glorious vistas of the 360-degree revolving restaurant, the Piz Gloria, which was my next stop that day for dinner.

After gallivanting around the restaurant’s Bond World - an interactive museum with features such as a simulated helicopter flight, simulated bobsled ride with a virtual chase and the chance to practice throwing Bond’s bowler hat onto a stand – I had a very Swiss dinner of veal steak with mustard mashed potato.

These suave attractions add to an area already popular with outdoorsy tourists. It has been a world renowned destination for skiing since Sir Henry Lunn launched the resort in 1910.

During the World War One, the location became an internment centre for injured British prisoners of war, some of whom Henry’s son Arnold introduced to skiing, and between the wars it was a key player in the evolution of Alpine ski racing.

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During the warmer months visitors can make their way through the chocolate-box views by foot or mountain bike, visit the swimming pool and spa at the local sports centre and the bravest among us head for the Via Ferrata.

A part-hike, part-climb round the side of a mountain - harnessed at all times to a cable that runs along the route, the ascent starts high above the Lauterbrunnen Valley and leads steeply downwards, unlike most courses around the world, in the direction of Gimmelwald.

In the three hours it took me to complete the course I climbed round flat cliff edges, walked along tightrope bridges raised above waterfalls - this time with no netting below - and climbed down ladders that leaned you ever so slightly and terrifyingly backwards.

At one point, as my body was pressed up against the mountainside, shaking just a little as I clung onto a metal handle inserted into the rock, feeling for the next foot ledge above hundreds of metres of nothing, a base jumper hurtled past me through the sky.

Then came the grand finale that had me singing under my breath to the beat of my knocking knees, an exhilarating 80-metre wooden bridge walk with nothing to hold on to other than the one cable wire to dangle from if you fell.

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Before stepping onto the swinging and unsettling slats I turned to our host on the climb, which anybody can access with rented gear, and asked how far down the drop was.

“Ten metres is all you need so it doesn’t matter.” He laughed. I grimaced.

Summoning the extent of my courage, I walked across, knees bent and jigging, heart pounding and stomach doing somersaults, before scrambling off and letting out a deep exhale, which was echoed by the sounds of chiming Swiss cow bells. After such feats of strength I was happy to just collapse on my bed at Hotel Blumental before calming my nerves with a soothing trip to the spa.


I travelled to Mürren in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland as a guest of Mürren Tourism and the Schilthorn Cableway Ltd. For information about activities in the area and a wide choice of accommodation to suit all budgets, visit: muerren.ch. For detailed information about The Thrill Walk, Bond World and the 007 Walk of Fame visit schilthorn.ch. To plan the journey from the UK to Mürren (flights/rail transfers), consult: myswitzerland.com or call Switzerland Travel Centre Freephone 00800 100 200 30.

Recommended hotels

Hotel Blumental is located in the middle of the village and has a lovely outdoor terrace. Deailts: +41 33 855 18 26

Hotel Alpenruh has a chef who joined from a Michelin starred kitchen. Details: +41 33 856 88 00

Eiger Guest House has music, sports and a few British favourites foods like pizza and spaghetti. Details: +41 33 856 54 60

Eiger Hotel is a favourite among skiers and is home to the popular Tächi Bar. Details: +41 33 856 54 54