PEOPLE are invited to share views as part of a consultation to extend the 13 bus route and scrap the N13 bus.

TFL (Transport for London) is holding a public consultation, as they have plans to extend the bus route 13 to North Finchley and divert it to Victoria, which will replace route 82.

The number 13 bus route would continue to run between Golders Green and Oxford Street, and there are plans to increase the number of buses.  

Plans to scrap the N13 route, which currently runs from Aldwych to North Finchley bus station, will also be considered.

The TFL website reported: “We propose a more frequent (route 13) service with buses running, every six minutes during the day Monday to Saturdays, with additional journeys at peak times, and every 10 minutes Sundays and each evening.

“There would be a 24-hour service on this route, with buses running every 30 minutes on all nights. Route N13 would no longer run.”

Despite the consultation plans, Labour London AM Andrew Dismore is urging TFL to "rethink their plans".

He said: “The 13 is an important bus route into the heart of central London; with the introduction of Sadiq Khan’s one hour “hopper fare”, residents in Finchley and Hendon can travel to Charing Cross or Oxford Circus on one bus fare.

“During the general election last year, Sarah Sackman and I successfully campaigned to halt a consultation into scrapping the 13 bus.

"In my opinion, TfL has planned all along to scrap the 13 bus route to reduce traffic on the Finchley Road due to the impact of Cycle Superhighway 11, which could see a bottleneck at Swiss Cottage.

“I strongly urge TfL to rethink their plans, and to not to come back with already rejected proposals by stealth.”

The Times series has contacted TFL for a comment.

The consultation will run until September 30.

Further information is available online at: