Barnet pupils have joined a city-wide initiative to help come up with ways to make the walk to school more active.

Transport for London’s annual STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) programme teaches young Londoners to travel to school actively, safely and sustainably.

Whitefield school, in Brent Cross, was one of seven secondary schools from around London that pitched ideas to help call for more walking and cycling instead of car use at the STARS event last week.

It aims to encourage the school communities to adopt safe and sustainable ways of travelling to school, such as cycling, walking and public transport.

The event last week was one of two STARS seminars specifically for secondary school teachers and pupils, many of whom are also involved in TfL’s Youth Ambassador (YTA) programme.

Pupils’ ideas included producing a film capturing parents parking in prohibited zigzag areas to create awareness, introducing car free day when pupils can get to school on their own and a ‘bikers breakfast’ as incentive to those who cycle to school.

Since 2007, accreditation to STARS has grown from 180 schools to 1,556 schools from all London boroughs.

The STARS seminars will continue throughout October leading up to an event in November at City Hall, where schools will be recognised for excellent achievements encouraging safe and active travel.