A five-year initiative to improve Barnet’s pavements is “well underway”, with millions to be spent before 2020.

Barnet has one of the largest pavement networks in London at more than 3.5 million square metres and its improvement is consistently a top concern for residents.

The council’s five-year investment in repair and improvement works will see £8 million spent by the end of the current financial year and, according to Cllr Dean Cohen, Golders Green, £50 million overall.

88 pavements have been worked on since the programme began last year and, according to council figures, 91 per cent of people surveyed agreed the work was an improvement.

Leader of the council, Cllr Richard Cornelius said: “I am delighted with how positively people feel about the extensive work we are carrying out to our pavements.

“We know how important the condition of the borough’s pavements is to our residents, which is why we are making such a significant investment over the next few years.”

However, there are cases of dissatisfaction with the work, or with the lack of it in certain areas of Barnet.

READ MORE: Over 100 signatures for petition to fix Childs Hill pavements

Residents in Greenfield Gardens, Childs Hill, collected 100 signatures to petition the council to fix the pavement on their street, where many pets, children and disabled residents have incurred minor injuries.

Despite this, they were told by the council they did not have the budget to spare this year for the repair works, despite resurfacing on many nearby streets, including Harman Drive, Harman Close, Farm Avenue and Desringham Road.

Adele Wright, a retired dance teacher living in Greenfield Gardens, started the petition

She said in July: “I just can’t believe they’re happy to tart up perfectly nice, affluent streets not in need of any help but they can’t find the money to sort out some serious wear and tear on a big residential street like ours.

“We’ve had a few minor instances of people getting hurt, especially when it is dark and the damage is harder to notice, and I’m worried it’s going to get worse as the road deteriorates.”

According to Cllr Cohen, who chairs the environment committee, Greenfield Gardens is inspected annually and will be reworked in early 2017.

Work is currently underway on pavements at eight sites across the borough.

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